How We Give

TriplePeace® is an environmentally focused, unique lifestyle apparel company out of San Clemente, California. We feature fashion-forward clothing for that easy going, laid-back vibe.

We develop partnerships with environmentally based nonprofits without religious or political affiliations. Here’s how it works:

Every month we offer campaign-specific products featuring a new nonprofit that believes in one or all of our causes.  When a customer buys one of our campaign-specific products, TriplePeace® will donate 10% of the selling price to that specific nonprofit. Even if you do not buy a campaign-specific t-shirt, TriplePeace® will donate 10% for all merchandise sold during that specific campaign to that nonprofit.

This is our gesture to help protect the environment.

If you want to help support the environment through TriplePeace®, be sure to act quickly. Demand is high for our campaign-specific collection. They sell out fast.

Consumers know that most companies put profits before people and the environment. TriplePeace® puts environment before profits.


TriplePeace® was selected for the 2016 Best of San Clemente Awards 


NonProfits Looking to Partner with TriplePeace

TriplePeace® welcomes the opportunity to join forces with incredible environmental, nonprofit organizations. If you would like to partner with TriplePeace® please contact us through our contact form or write us at